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    Forum rulebook

    Our forum is a place where people of different origins and backgrounds come together.

    Therefore, like everywhere else, certain rules must apply, and the team monitors compliance with them.


    The highest commandment should be mutual consideration.


    The fact that this is a forum and you do not face each other "real",

    does not release you from the basic rules of human coexistence and a minimum of behavior.

    The following rules, as well as the respective area rules, should provide the framework,

    in which our forum shall be used.

    Violations of these rules can be punished with moderate measures,

    such as warnings or temporary or permanent bans.

    The administration can delete, extend, change or suspend parts of these rules.

    §1 Validity

    1. By accessing the forum you accept these rules.
    2. The rules can be changed in any way at any time. A rule change is valid with immediate effect.
    3. Members of the administration are released from the rules and can make decisions in individual cases, which are superior to the rules.
    4. Ignorance does not protect from a sanction in any case.

    §2 Forum account

    1. Each user is entitled to exactly one account in the forum.
    2. A new registration in the forum after a blocked forum account is not allowed.
    3. The user name may only consist of legible letters, numbers and simple special characters and may not violate the other forum rules.
    4. Fake prefixes and fake suffixes as well as brackets in the name are not allowed.
    5. The use of trash mails, proxies or other methods to disguise identity is not allowed.
    6. Posting in the name of other users is not allowed, even if they are blocked or do not have a forum account.

    §3 Content of posts, links or similar

    1. The official languages in the forum are English and German. This applies to all content of the forum.
    2. Use the search function before posting. Your topic may have already been addressed.
    3. Before posting, think of a meaningful title that reflects the content of the post.
    4. Advertising, insulting, provocative, threatening, sexist, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or other indecent statements are strictly prohibited. Sending such content via links is also not allowed.
    5. The forum is a place for all ages, so permissive or salacious content is also undesirable.
    6. Private data (names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, etc.) of third parties may not be published, shown or shared.
    7. The publication of private messages (e-mails, conversations, etc.) is only allowed with the permission of all parties involved.
    8. Please always try to keep a decent tone.
    9. Posts that are only aimed at provoking another user are not allowed. Writing a post which is pointless, unnecessary or only meant as a joke ("trolling") will not be allowed.
    10. It is not allowed to incite against users, team members or the network. This includes any form of defamation, bullying, denunciation, slander and the like. Self-censorship (e.g. f*ck or f***3r) or re-editing does not change this.
    11. Boycott calls are prohibited.
    12. Spamming other people as well as spamming in general may lead to a sanction.
    13. Trading real money or valuables is prohibited. Begging or asking for rights is forbidden. Likewise, rank fraud is not allowed and the attempt is already punishable.
    14. DDoS threats or DDoS attacks are strictly prohibited and may also result in legal consequences.
    15. Links through which the user or a third party gains a virtual or real advantage are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, thieves' links as well as ref links and the like.

    §4 Spam

    1. Posts that deviate from the actual thread topic are considered off-topic and are not allowed.
    2. The posting of contributions with the same content in several forum areas ("crossposting") is prohibited.
    3. Re-creating closed threads or multiple threads on the same topic is not allowed.
    4. Posts that cause disproportionate traffic (e.g. oversized images, countless smileys, disproportionately large font, unnecessary line spacing, quote pyramids or similar) are prohibited.
    5. Users are prohibited from posting "close" posts (e.g. "@Mod please close"). The thread creator is exempt from this rule.
    6. Re-posting topics or posts that are already clear from previous posts is considered posthunting and is prohibited.

    §5 Abuse of the report function

    1. The report function is only used to inform the moderators about rule violations or to ask for thread closure or editing.
    2. Using it for other purposes will be considered as misuse.

    §6 Avatars

    1. Advertising, insulting, provocative, threatening, sexist, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or other indecent avatars are strictly prohibited.

    §7 Signatures

    1. Advertising, insulting, provocative, threatening, sexist, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or other indecent signatures are strictly prohibited.
    2. Unnecessarily large signatures as well as images, gifs or excessive smileys are not allowed.

    §8 Bug and error reports

    1. Bugs and errors in the forum are to be explained immediately in the area Report a bug.
    2. In other forum areas it is forbidden to write instructions on how to exploit bugs.

    §9 Sanctions

    1. A team member does not have to justify a sanction and is in no way obligated to take a position on it.
    2. The team has the right of house and instruction and therefore you have to follow the instructions of each team member.
    3. Any violation of the rules will result in a sanction. This can be a warning, a mute (timeout) or a ban.
    4. Warnings and admonitions serve to look at the rules again in case of first minor violations, but can result in sanctions after a certain number of violations.
    5. Avoiding a sanction (by using a second account or any other way) is forbidden.

    §10 The team

    1. All members of the team are listed in the forum on the team page. They are distinguished from other users by their rank graphics and colors.
    2. The instructions of a team member have to be followed, as long as the team member does not abuse his rights or someone violates a rule or a law because of the instruction. Instructions of the administration may also violate the rules according to §1.3. If a team member abuses his rights, a criticism can be written in the feedback (team) section.
    3. The decisions of the team must be respected and followed. They cannot be bypassed by entrusting another team member with the same case.
    4. It is strictly forbidden to imitate the team membership, for example by using a name with a team rank.

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