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    Requirements and information for lifting a sanction

    1. What is a sanction?

    • A sanction is usually a ban or a mute or timeout. All sanctions are listed in the rulebooks.
    • Sanctions for which no request for removal should or can be created are warnings and kicks. If such a sanction is not considered appropriate, you can write a critique about it under Feedback (Team).
    • In most cases, however, a sanction is justified and is intended to encourage insight and a related change in one's own behavior.

    2. What must be included in the request?

    • To make our work easier, please list the (unique) names of all your affected accounts at the time of the sanction as well as your current ones (if they have changed).
    • Write us from when to when your sanction lasts, i.e. the date and the duration of your sanction.
    • Also write the reason of your sanction (in case of a TeamSpeak ban also by which team member you were banned).
    • After that, explain the exact reasons for the sanction or the situation, i.e. how it came about in the first place.
    • If you think you should be innocent, provide evidence or explain why.
    • If you understand your sanction, show your understanding and give reasons why we should lift it.
    • Finally, you can explain any other concerns about your sanction.

    3. What else must be considered?

    • The request must be written in English or German.
    • The post will be written only in the subforum Write (Unbanning Request) and then processed by a team member.
    • Your request is valid only if the structure is followed to a certain extent. Shortly written requests or requests with missing information may be rejected.
    • Your request will be processed promptly by a team member. However, this may take a few days. We therefore ask for your patience.
    • The requirements can be changed or supplemented by the team at any time.

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