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    Information about a feedback to the team

    What is a feedback?


    Before writing your complaint, note that misconduct by a team member is taken seriously by us. However, it may be that the consequences are internal to the team and will not be communicated to you. Nevertheless, we will try to find a suitable solution together with you.

    Reasons for a complaint

    There can be many reasons, but complaints that are not the fault of a team member (but a player) will be rejected in this subforum.

    Below are some reasons as examples:

    • A team member has insulted you.
    • A team member has broken the (team) rules.
    • A team member is unfair to you in the tasks of her/his rank.
    • A team member is not fulfilling her/his duties.
    • You are having trouble with a team member.

    Structure of a complaint

    • Your complaint should have a clear structure and be formulated in an understandable way.
    • Write about which team member(s) you are complaining about.
    • Explain why you are writing your forum post. Describe situations that occurred or list arguments.
    • To help us understand your arguments, include evidence (if possible) in the form of chat logs, credible screenshots, videos, or other media. Witness statements or screenshots that we suspect are faked will not be accepted.
    • The post shall also be constructive so that the team member involved can learn from it and this won't happen next time. Also, feel free to make suggestions for improvement at the end.
    • Destructive, insulting, provocative or other complaints that do not comply with the forum rules will be rejected or even deleted.


    A compliment from you is intended to highlight good work done by the team, a team area (e.g. Development or Builder), or a team member. We are very pleased with any compliment we receive, however, it will obviously not lead to a direct promotion.

    What is a compliment?
    A compliment is meant to praise the work in the team and not your own friendship. Work in the team includes the following, among other things:

    • The activity of being there as a team member; this does not mean just being present, but also acting as a team member and not just as a player.
    • The team member behaves in an exemplary manner, among other things due to permanent fairness towards and with all persons as well as compliance with the (team) rules and intervening in case of violations of others.
    • A good execution of the team area specific tasks, e.g. an excellently executed support, a fast and good processing of a report or request, a wonderful new map or a well implemented plugin.
    • The team member stood out in a particularly positive way in one situation or other positive attention.


    A critique is both a complaint and compliment.

    Most team members are arguably neither bad nor perfect. A critique expresses just that.

    If you would rather praise the team member, it is best to start with the points for possible improvement and mention the good at the end. If, on the other hand, you would rather criticize the team member, start with the good and write the bad afterwards. At the end, you can also add a small conclusion to your text.

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