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    Minecraft rulebook

    Our Minecraft server is a place where people of different origins and backgrounds come together.

    Therefore, like everywhere else, certain rules must apply, and the team monitors compliance with them.


    The highest commandment should be mutual consideration.


    The fact that this is Minecraft and you do not face each other "real",

    does not release you from the basic rules of human coexistence and a minimum of behavior.

    The following rules, as well as the respective area rules, should provide the framework,

    in which our Minecraft server shall be used.

    Violations of these rules can be punished with moderate measures,

    such as warnings or temporary or permanent bans.

    The administration can delete, extend, change or suspend parts of these rules.

    §1 Validity

    1. By entering the Minecraft server you accept these rules.
    2. The rules can be changed in any way at any time. A rule change is valid with immediate effect.
    3. Members of the administration are released from the rules and can make decisions in individual cases, which are superior to the rules.
    4. Ignorance does not protect from a sanction in any case.
    5. This rulebook applies to the entire server, but is supplemented by the rulebooks for the individual game modes, which then apply to the respective game mode.

    §2 Minecraft account

    1. Each user may enter the server with a maximum of four accounts. An IP address may also be assigned a maximum of four accounts.
    2. If a user is banned or a banned account is assigned to the user's IP address, entering the server is prohibited. Other users with the same IP address (e.g. siblings) are not exempt from this rule. These must first apply for an exception that it is really another person.
    3. The username must not violate any of the other Minecraft rules (especially §4.2).
    4. Fake prefixes and fake suffixes as well as currently impossible names, such as a space in the name, are not allowed.
    5. The use of VPNs, proxies or other methods to disguise identity is not allowed. Entering with another user's account is allowed, but in case of a sanction, both the account owner and the account user will be penalized.
    6. Entering with an alt account is forbidden.
    7. Advertising, insulting, provocative, threatening, sexist, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or other indecent skins are not allowed.

    §3 Modifications

    1. A user can install modifications on his own. However, it is not recommended to do so, because a smooth gameplay can no longer be guaranteed. Likewise, only the user himself is liable for any problems that may arise and the ByTelion.eu team cannot guarantee any support with regard to modifications.
    2. Any modification, whether on the client or external, that gives an unfair advantage is forbidden and even entering the Minecraft server will be punished as a violation of this rule.
    3. The following list enumerates some forbidden modifications. It is not complete and is only meant to serve as an orientation. Similar modifications or modifications that can do the same thing but work differently are definitely also banned with this.
      • Aimbot, bow aimbot
      • Anti potion
      • Arrow cam
      • Automatic crits , criticals
      • Automatic fishing
      • Automatic eat
      • Automatic equip
      • Automatic potion effects, fullbright
      • Automatic tool, weapon or sword
      • Burning mod
      • Chestfinder
      • Click and collect
      • Click mods, autoclicker, macros, multiple key assignment, special computer mice, other tools to increase or continuously exercise click rate
      • Damage indicator
      • Derp, annoy, hitbox changer, headless
      • Fast fall, fast place, fast respawn. fast anything
      • Fly
      • Forcefield
      • Freecam
      • Glide, slide
      • Inventory tweaks, automatic emptying, sorting or rearranging of chests or inventories
      • Item detector, NoSpecMod (detects items in the hands of other players)
      • Any hacks or cheats such as Nodus, Kronos, Huzuni, etc.
      • Keepsprint
      • Killaura
      • Lagswitch
      • Modifications that allow sneaking while sprinting or chatting
      • Modifications that analyze the course of the game, thereby creating an advantage
      • Modifications that show the position of players, mobs and other entities while they are not visible (e.g. minimaps with radar or nametags for sneaking players)
      • Modifications that make the client move, rotate or dismantle automatically or include other bot-like functions
      • MouseTweaksImpulse, pulstic
      • No hunger
      • No hurtcam
      • No knockback, no slowdown
      • No fall and everything that suppresses damage
      • Pingspoofing or other changes to the pinging behavior of the client
      • RapidFire
      • Regen, godmode, fast heal
      • Resource packs that reveal the specific enchantment of the armor and weapons (e.g. by different colors of the respective enchantment)
      • Modifications which automatically place or remove blocks (e.g. Schematica)
      • Skin blinker, skin derp (automated activation or deactivation of skin layers)
      • Smart moving
      • Speed
      • Spider
      • Teleportation
      • ToggleSneak
      • Tracer, wireframe
      • VanillaEnhancements
      • Velocity modifier
      • Waterwalk
      • Waypoints, auto walk
      • World downloader
      • X-Ray (no matter if as client modification or texture or resource pack)

    §4 Chat behavior

    1. The official languages on the Minecraft server are German and English.
    2. Advertising, insulting, provocative, threatening, sexist, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or other indecent statements and messages are to be refrained from. Sending these via links is also prohibited.
    3. Spamming in the chat or spamming other people can lead to a sanction. Repeating similar or identical messages within a short period of time as well as writing unnecessary or meaningless messages are counted as spam.
    4. Private data (names, addresses, telephone numbers, pictures, etc.) of third parties may not be published, shown or passed on. If it is your own data, it is expressly not advisable to pass this on. It is often not possible to distinguish between your data and the data of other persons, and this will therefore be punished.
    5. The excessive use of capital letters ("caps") without grammatical necessity is to be refrained from.
    6. Please always try to use a decent tone.
    7. Messages that only aim to provoke another user are not allowed. Writing a statement which is senseless, unnecessary or only meant as a joke ("trolling") is not allowed.
    8. It is not allowed to incite against users, team members or the network. This includes any form of defamation, bullying, denunciation, slander and the like. Self-censorship (e.g. f*ck or f1**3r) does not change anything.
    9. Calls for boycotts are prohibited.
    10. Faking another person (e.g. a team member) is prohibited.
    11. Asking for support or a team member without a meaningful (support) reason is considered support exploitation and can lead to a sanction.
    12. Trading real money or valuables is prohibited. Begging or asking for rights is forbidden. Likewise, rank fraud is not allowed and the attempt is already punishable.
    13. DDoS threats or DDoS attacks are strictly prohibited and may also result in legal consequences.
    14. Links through which the user or a third party gains a virtual or real advantage are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, thieves' links as well as ref links and the like.

    §5 Abuse of the report function

    1. The report function is only used to inform the team about rule violations.
    2. Using it for other purposes will be considered as misuse.

    §6 Bug and error reports

    1. Bugs and errors in the forum are to be explained immediately in the area Report a bug.
    2. In other forum areas it is forbidden to write instructions on how to exploit bugs.

    §7 Sanctions

    1. A team member does not have to justify a sanction and is in no way obligated to take a position on it.
    2. The team has the right of house and instruction and therefore you have to follow the instructions of each team member.
    3. Any violation of the rules will result in a sanction. This can be a warning, mute or ban.
    4. Admonitions and warnings serve to look at the rules again in case of first minor violations, but can result in sanctions after a certain number of violations.
    5. Avoiding a sanction (by using a second account or any other way) is forbidden.

    §8 The ByTelion.eu team

    1. All members of the ByTelion.eu team are listed in the forum on the team page. They are distinguished from other users by their rank graphics and colors.
    2. The instructions of a team member have to be followed, as long as the team member does not abuse his rights or someone violates a rule or a law because of the instruction. Instructions of the administration may also violate the rules according to §1.3. If a team member abuses his rights, a criticism can be written in the feedback (team) section.
    3. The decisions of the ByTelion.eu team must be respected and followed. They cannot be bypassed by entrusting another team member with the same case.
    4. It is strictly forbidden to imitate the team membership, for example by using a name with a team rank.

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